Would you tell this half black, half white girl that you don’t believe in interracial marriages? Would you admit that the thought of your offspring dating someone of another race makes you nauseous?

I’m not sure what the next trend might be. I’m crossing my fingers that dating your first cousin never makes it out of the Appalachians. The very idea of “Deliverance”-style dating services is just wrong!

Society already has men dating men, women dating women, interracial relationships dating, short men with tall women (Tom Cruise led that trend!), tall men with short chicks, and plush women with scrawny dudes.

So my other question is what do I do about her? Do I just keep doing what I am doing which is being nice? Because I have allowed her to get away with doing and saying things to me that a lot of black women wouldn’t have let her get away with.

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“Take the average black females and see, what attract them in life as a mate?” He goes through with his view describing, how many date the unemployed brother. Who’s use you? Many love the charming hustlers. Who eventually will be placed behind bars? Or, the player with women on the side that you was aware of it some capacity.

I was fortunate enough to learn at a young age that race, skin color or cultural differences should not be the defining factors for a relationship. In the end, all any of us really wants is to find someone that we are compatible with and who makes us happy. Love should be blind, not ignorant, of something that really is, only skin-deep.